12-й Кубок Альбино

12th ALBINO CUP (Belarus)


02-03 November 2019

Place of competition

Minsk, Hotel Monastyrski, Cyril and Methodius Street, 6, Bernardin Hall


System of competition

System and rules of competition are the same as the World Chess Solving Championship. 

Tourney is open for everybody.


02 November 2019  13:50 – 14:00  Opening Ceremony

14:00 – 17:30 12th ALBINO CUP Rounds 1–3 

03 November 2019 10:00 – 13:30 12th ALBINO CUP Rounds 4–6

14:00 Prize giving

Prizes: Cups 

Arbiter: Viktor Volchek  

Participation free of charge

Participants self-selected hotel

List of participants: http://chess.stans.by/


E-mail: tischka@tut.by Mobile phone: +375 29 3382995 (Russian only)

The tournament will be registered for the World Solving Cup.


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